There are twelve teaching staff and five support staff at Our Lady of Victories.

The staff include a principal, 7 full-time teachers, three part-time teachers, one part-time learning support teacher, two full time learning support assistants, one part-time learning support assistant, a part-time teacher-librarian, part-time library assistant and a clerical assistant. There is also a cleaner and groundsman.

A special education adviser and a registered psychologist are available to assist the school in assessing and addressing individual student’s learning needs.

Our staff of dedicated and highly experienced teachers provide our students with stimulating teaching and learning programs. We aim to cater to the needs of each child, to equip them to face the challenges of tomorrow. 

A list of staff contacts can be found below:                                                                                               


  • Principal: Mr Gerry Vandermaat
  • Assistant Principal: Mrs Patricia Dunn (Acting)
  • Religious Education Coordinator: Ms Katrina Friend (Acting)
  • Parish Priest: Fr Christian 
  • Parish Priest Assistant: Fr Collins

Teaching Staff

  • Kindergarten: Mrs Patricia Dunn                                                        
  • Year 1: Miss Rhiannon O'Bree                                                 
  • Year 2: Miss Teagan Payton                                                          
  • Year 3: Ms Katherine Friend                                                      
  • Year 4:                                                   
  • Year 5: Miss Laura Slattery
  • Year 6: Mr Blake Watmore                                                    
  • LST (0.4): Mrs Jennifer McCallum 
  • LST (0.2): Alissa Homer                             
  • Teacher Librarian (0.35): Mrs Margaret-Mary Spencer                      
  • ESL (0.6):  Tinah DeLuca-Tohi                            
  • Executive Release (0.6): Mrs Shailey Biddle   
  • Executive Release (0.4): Hannah Matheson 
  • RFF Release: Teagan Ross                               

Ancillary and other support staff

  • Clerical Assistant: Mrs Leanne Fry
  • Library Assistant: Mrs Christine Moore
  • Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Samira Telford, Mrs Belinda Gallacher & Rachel Paul
  • Psychologist: Ms Clare McMahon