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Term 1 Week 11

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Term 1 Week 11


We come to the end of the first term, and it only seems like yesterday when we resumed for 2024. It has been a great term, and I am sure the children have had a great learning experience.

We break now for two weeks, and the children have earned a well-deserved rest. We’ll see you all again in Term 2.

We return on MONDAY 29 APRIL. Still in our summer uniforms. Wednesdays will still be Sports Day.


I’m really sorry that I missed the wonderful show last Wednesday. From what I have seen and heard, it was a great event and everyone had a wonderful night. The children’s work certainly looked spectacular and they should be very proud of the commitment they have shown to producing such quality results.

Thanks to everyone that came along and enjoyed the evening. As a result, we were able to raise nearly $1000 to our iPad project for the Infants.


This year ANZAC Day falls during the school holidays. All families and friends are invited to join the children of Our Lady of Victories and representatives from the Shortland Sub-Branch of the Returned and Services League for our annual commemoration.

Where: Our Lady of Victories School Hall

When: 29 April 10:00am

Morning Tea for visitors will be served afterward.

Children are asked to bring a flower or small posy from their gardens to place at the commemorative tree & the small slip they received today with the names of relatives they would like to honour to be placed on the remembrance board.


As Ms Slattery is on leave at the moment, Miss Payton has taken on the role of Gifted Education Mentor (GEM). She sends the following message:

I am honoured to be stepping into the role of Gifted Education Mentor as Miss Slattery takes her maternity leave. I am looking forward to working with the amazing staff at OLV, along with the high performance and high potential students and their families to allow all students to reach their full potential. 

Teagan Payton 


Several children have started wearing “Smart Watches” to school with phone connectivity and camera functions. There is a myriad of reasons why children need to have communication with their families outside of school hours and sending a device to achieve this to school is understandable, but, our protocol for such devices, whether it be phones or Smart Watches, is that they are to be checked in at the school office for safe keeping before school starts and can be retrieved at the end of the day from the office before going home.

If you need to contact your child, or vice versa, then this is done via the school office.


Thanks to those that put their hands up to help in the Victory Café this term. We are hoping to continue this next term. In the same manner as last term, could you please indicate which days you might be available for the term. Lunches would need to be available from 10:50am on those days. There is no expectation to stay on for the second break to sell snacks and ice-creams.

If you can only do snacks and ice-creams, these are sold from 12:40 and not during the first lunch break at 10:30


We had a very successful FACE meeting at the end of March, and it was discussed how to engage as many families as we can at these meetings. The timing and format seemed to be the biggest hurdle for people to be able to attend. It was suggested that we have only  TEAMS format so that everyone can attend. But what time? And what day?

I ask that families please fill out the short online Form Survey to provide some feedback. Our next meeting is scheduled for MONDAY 29 APRIL at 7:00pm. It will be on TEAMS and Face to Face for this meeting. If the feedback suggests something else, we will keep you posted.


We received the following exciting news from Ms Slattery: “Beautiful baby Lily Grace Fernance has completed our world like no other - we are absolutely besotted with her & definitely relishing in our family love bubble. We welcomed her into the world via c-section on the 10th April at 10.24pm, measuring at 52cm & 9lb 3oz - needless to say she was well & truly cooked & ready! Lily is feeding relatively well so far, has passed her hearing test & is sleeping well so far. Lily is looking forward to having cuddles with everyone very soon. ? Laura & Owen xx"



Free Ebooks & Audiobooks




In order to Volunteer at OLV you are required to complete the Volunteer Induction and be cleared by the Catholic Schools Office to Volunteer.
Please follow this link https://www.mn.catholic.org.au/people/volunteer/ and complete the steps.



If your child will be seeing a provider (e.g. speech therapist or occupational therapist) this year at school, please complete the attached application form and return to school. If you require further information, please don't hesitate to contact the office.



OLV uses the "Compass" App.  Log in details for parents/carers have been emailed to all new parents.  If you are still unable to login, or your account has been made inactive, please contact Leanne in the office to arrange a reset of your password.

  • For all new families please familiarise yourself with the information booklet you received in your information pack or enrolment pack, "Parent Portal Compass User Guide" This is also attached

  • Only Parents/Carers have access to Compass Parent Portal.  Parents must have separate email addresses in order to both have access to compass
  • New Users when logging into Compass are given the opportunity to update their details.  It has been noted that some parents have updated their mobile phone number by taking out the gaps within the phone number.  This is not required.  The system requires phones numbers to be in this format
  • REMINDER: PLEASE ONLY EXPLAIN WHOLE DAY ABSENCES - PLEASE DO NOT REPORT PARTIAL ABSENCES through the Compass App.  Reporting partial absences will cause inconsistences with your child's attendance
  • SMS's are sent to parents of students who are absent from 9.35am each weekday morning.  You will receive a text message if your child was not present during the marking the roll process.  Please logon onto compass and explain your child's absence.  Do not reply to the text as compass does not accept reply texts
  • Please notify the office beforehand if your child is going to arrive late; you will however still receive an SMS.  The arrival time of the student will be logged as an explained absence when they present to school on their arrival
  • On occasion you may be sent a text message even though your child is in attendance at school, this may be because they have arrived late and not come to the Office for sign in.  If your child is late, please come into the Office with your child and sign them in via the compass kiosk.



Part of “progress” is moving towards a cashless society. To assist with the banking, ordering and handling of money, we are moving more of our payments to the Qkr system. 

You will find attached instructions for the QKR App.  This easy to use phone app gives you the flexibility to place orders for Canteen and fundraisers from your phone.  It also reduces the need for your child to bring cash to school.  Please remember to amend your child's year group on the QKR App to aid the timely collection of their order. We will be moving to a wider usage of this app as the year progresses.

Health Care Card

Most families have already completed the attached Health Care Card Forms and returned to the school with a copy of their Health Care Card.  If you have a Health Care Card and have not handed it in please contact the Office.  Health Care Cards gives up to 50% off your tuition fees.

      We would like to wish the following children a Happy Birthday.

      Year 1 Luca S, Gianna D, Benjamin Z
      Year 2
      Year 3 Maksim S, Tesa S, Thomas O
      Year 4 Alierah M
      Year 5
      Year 6  Shammah N, Clayton S

      Congratulations and we hope you had a happy day




      Hamish T - for being able to identify beginning sounds of given pictures.​

      Bruce C - for being able to identify dot patterns.

      Year 1

      Florence C - for demonstrating her ability to grow in confidence in her daily tasks.​

      William H - for working hard on growing his mindset and seeing what he can achieve when he applies himself to all areas of learning.​

      Elizabeth K - for being a confident and independent member of our class.​

      Nicholas O - for enthusiastically embracing new learning experiences and relishing in challenges.

      Year 2

      All of Year 2 – putting on two fabulous liturgies and reading beautifully!

      Year 3

      Jemima K - for her kindness and determination to make everyone in our class feel valued.​

      Ruby B - For demonstrating a positive mindset and taking on new challenges in and outside the classroom.​

      Allison A - For fearlessly tackling challenges in her learning journey and excelling as a problem solver.​

      Maksim S - For his demonstration of enthusiasm during his science project presentation. Great Job Maksim! ​

      Christopher H - For his consistent work ethic and positive approach to his learning. 

      Year 4

      Evan S – his inquisitive attitude towards his learning. ​

      Erleen S – her outstanding commitment to learning her times tables and completing the challenge. ​

      Annabelle H – her improved attitude towards class learning tasks. ​

      Elsa S – her outstanding results in the times tables challenge – Keep it up! 

      Year 5

      Pippa M - for writing an excellent hypothesis during our science lesson this week. ​

      Luka S - for including outstanding ideas in his narrative writing.​

      Gabi K - for her excellent processing skills during mathematics lessons. ​

      Isziah L - for showing an improved commitment during all learning areas.

      Year 6

      Dylan S - for gaining in confidence, especially as a school leader when running school assemblies, and trying to adopt an “I can do it” approach to his work. Well done!​

      Clayton S - for showing empathy towards his peers and teachers, and for making great decisions in class and on the playground. There are lots of people that are proud of you.​

      Maxwell W - for demonstrating what it takes to be a great school leader and for ready to help out in any extra school activities when needed.​

      Michelle A - for seeking help, support and clarification on class tasks, and not being afraid to ask for help. Great work, Michelle.

      V & M Awards

      Kindergarten: Ted M for always being very caring towards his fellow classmates.​

      ​Year 1:Ivy S for being kind, caring and sensitive to the feelings and thoughts of others.​

      ​Year 2: Caleb Sporne for always being polite and friendly to others!​

      Year 3:​

      ​Year 4: Audrey S for being a kind friend and a responsible class member. ​

      ​Year 5: Max B for being the first person to volunteer to help with any jobs.​

      ​Year 6: Millie Hughes for living the School’s Mission Statement by her words and actions, and for her kindness to all students and teachers.  The school is lucky to have you at OLV.

      Lexia Awards

      Gianna D -  Level 3

      EALD Awards

      Brian K – for his amazing work inhis measurement research task​

      Jesa S – for her positive andenthusiastic approach to all learning tasks​

      Nikita P – for always being a kind andresponsible member of OLV


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