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Term 4 Week 7

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Term 4 Week 7


    As we come to the end of the year, COVID still lingers and has been noted to be on the increase with new variants. The Government's position is that we need to learn to live with COVID, just as we would with flu and other sicknesses. Just so all are clear, a couple of reminders.

    COVID-smart measures continue to be in place and are vital in allowing us to keep OLV operational while prioritising student and staff wellbeing. These measures include:
    · staying home if unwell and/or showing any symptoms
    · mask-wearing strongly encouraged when physical distancing is not possible, and on public transport
    · using rapid antigen tests (RATs) when showing symptoms or exposed to COVID-19
    · encouraging all students, staff and families to keep up-to-date with their vaccinations, including COVID-19 booster shots if eligible
    · NSW Health are also encouraging everyone in the community to continue to register positive RATs with Service NSW to ensure they receive timely support and advice, including access to antivirals for those eligible.

    There is now no isolation period.

    Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs)
    Families and staff are encouraged  to test whenever they are showing symptoms or if they have been exposed to COVID-19.

    With the expected spike in COVID-19 cases in the community early next month, we are able to provide families with RATs. Please call or send a note into  the office if you would like a new supply for your family.

    If we contiue to be vigilant with th3 precautionary measures we should be able to enjoy a sick-free Christmas.


    The P&F is hosting a great night to celebrate and finish the year. From 4:30pm the activities begin.  There will be a Jumping Castle and Face Painting for the children and a BBQ will be available from 5:00pm for a feed (a catering note will be forthcoming soon). The Christmas Hamper Raffle will be drawn during the evening. The evening is meant to be a chance for all families to come together and celebrate a successful year. Arrive at any time between 4:30 and 6:30pm and join in.

    The children and teachers have been preparing an item to put on during the P&F Chrostmas Party on Friday 9 December. The concert will consist of one song from each class, the dance club performance and a finale with the whole school. All children will need to be at school (if you weren't coming for the BBQ) by 6:15pm for a 6:30pm start. It will go for approximately 30-40 mins and will be held under the COLA.  I understand that we might get a visit from a jolly old man afterwards.


    Some parents are asking who will  be teaching their children in 2023. At this stage there are a number of uncertainties which are being finalised and I am unable to give a clear indication as to who will be teaching which grades. 


    Our future Kinders have been experiencing "big school" during the last month and we welcome them back for their final Orientation on Tuesday 6 December. It is an important time for these children so that the transition next year isn't so daunting. The Year 5's are also doing a great job and are learning new skills, especially on the spot problem solving. 


    We are celebrating our Year 6 children at Mass on Wednesday 14 December. The whole school will have a role to play in this celebration as the Year 6 Class graduates from primary school. Mass will begin at 9:15am in Our Lady of Victories Church and all parents and friends are invited to attend with us.

    The Graduation Mass will be followed by a luncheon for the Year 6 children and their parents.


    The final day of the year for students is Friday 16 December. We will be sending finishing the year with the end of Year Liturgy lead by Year 6 at 11:20am. This will be immediately followed by the final Class  Awards Assembly. All families and friends are invited to join us.

    The traditional "Clap Out" for Year 6 will happen at 2:30pm. Have a great Christmas break.

    Out of Uniform Day 

    Our out of Uniform Day last Thursday was a great success. We raised $358.00 which will go towards St Vincent de Paul. Thank you everyone for donating. This money will help less fortunate people in our community have a happier Christmas. 

    Cupcake Day

    This week we  held a cupcake day and so far we have raised $131.00. I would like to thank everyone who cooked cupcakes. They all looked fabulous and tasted amazing.  The money raised will go towards St Vincent de Paul for their Christmas Appeal. 

    Up coming Masses

    Just a reminder that two classes each week will attend the local Parish Mass at 9am. This week Friday 25th November Year 6 and Year 1 will attend. On Friday 2nd December Year 5 and Year 2 will attend. Please come along and join each class. A reminder that children need to be at school no later then 8:50am when they are attending Mass.


    Up coming Liturgies

    Monday  28th November- Kindergarten Advent

    Monday 5th December- Year 3 love One Another. 

    School liturgies are held in the hall every Monday and everyone is welcome to join us at 9am.

    Parish Christmas Celebration

    Our parish will celebrate Christmas with a gathering in the grounds of St Patrick’s School on Saturday 17th Dec 6:30-9pm.  Everyone is invited to come and celebrate Christmas and community.  Music will be provided by the many talented singers/instrumentalists from within our parish – including the St. Patrick’s school choir! The youth of the parish will be on the BBQ and will provide a sausage sandwich for a gold coin donation. Also on sale will be cans of soft drink and ice-blocks. Tea and coffee will be available. (All proceeds are going to the World Youth Day fund for youth in our parish who wish to attend the event in Portugal). Please bring a chair and/or picnic rug. You might like to wear a Christmas hat or a Christmas shirt. Each family is invited to bring a slice/cake/dessert to share. Please help us get an idea of numbers (for catering purposes) by contacting the office with your numbers attending. We look forward to seeing you there!


    This week Kindergarten learnt all about verbs. A verb is an action or movement word. They learnt a song about verbs and were able to identify verbs in sentences. 

    Year 1

    Year 1 have been revising recount structure. We wrote a recount of our swimming lessons at West Wallsend pool. A recount has a title, orientation telling who, what, when, where, events in order and a personal comment at the end. After writing our recounts we found out that we need to improve our punctuation and to use capital letters for proper nouns such as West Wallsend.

    Stage 2 - Year 3 & 4

    Stage 2  have been looking at writing paragraphs for the body of an informative text. We looked at the layers involved, modelled as a hamburger, and after viewing multiple other texts and discussing our findings with each other, we created the criteria required to be successful when writing. The images attached show our final attempt at writing a paragraph about the staff at OLV. Miss Gallagher and Ms McGann were incredibly impressed by the word choice, sentence structure and depth of thought that has gone into their paragraphs.

    Stage 3 - Year 5 & 6

    This term Stage 3 have been looking at analysing Information Reports. Students were given a rubric to assess a variety of Information Reports against and then provide feedback on what the author did well and how they can improve the writing. Once students had assessed others work, they then used the rubric to assess their own Information Report and compared them to give themselves a star rating. Students then used the rubric to help them improve their own writing.



    2022 SCHOOL FEES

    • Letters have gone home this week please see the following:
    • If paying fees by instalment, please ensure your payment commences before the 31 March 2022 and is paid in full by 30 November 2022. 
    • If paying fees in full in one payment please finalise prior to 30 June 2022.
    • Our preferred method of payment is either BPay or direct debit. Please avoid using COMPASS Pay.
    • For Fee Payers wishing to establish a new Direct Debit, or adjust their existing direct debit, please complete the form on the Catholic Development Fund web-site www.CDFmn.com.au and return to Leanne in the Office.
    • For those families experiencing financial hardship, or wishing to discuss other payment arrangements, please contact the school office to arrange an appointment with the Principal.
    • If you would like a weekly, Fortnighly or Monthly breakdown please contact Leanne in the office, some parents received this already.
    • Schools will commence the school fee management process after the 31 March 2022, if there has been no contact with the school office or no initial payment received.



    In order to Volunteer at OLV you are required to complete the Volunteer Induction and be cleared by the Catholic Schools Office to Volunteer.
    Please follow this link https://www.mn.catholic.org.au/people/volunteer/ and complete the steps.



    If your child will be seeing a provider (eg; speech or OT ) this year at school,
    please complete the attached application form and return to school. If you require further information, please don't hesitate to contact the office.


    Josephine B - for practicing her alphabet.​

    Cooper G - for knowing the definition of tally marks.​

    Amelia I - for being able to identify nouns in a sentence.​

    Theodore B - for being able to give examples of verbs.

    Year 1

    Thomas O - for writing an excellent persuasive text on "Should the Pigeon Drive the Bus?"​

    Ruby B - for demonstrating knowledge of sharing a collection into groups with some left over​

    Ruby H - for always remembering our Learning Intentions​

    Fetui T - for being a responsible helper in the classroom

    Year 2

    Amerti S - an amazing improvement in her reading. ​

    Chase S - his great understanding of the 111-doubling rulein spelling. ​

    Grace B - making excellent improvement in reading. ​

    Tom W - his improved focus and attention towards hislearning. 

    STAGE 2

    ​Emmesen P - for improvement in her concentration on tasks.​

    Ashton F - for demonstrating a mature approach to his learning.​

    Sienna S - for her wonderful knowledge, and confidence, in maths.​

    Kasey S - for her amazing knowledge of the properties of 3D shapes.​

    Shammah N – for her dedication to improving in all areas of her learning.​

    Jennifer F - for always having a story to share to brighten our day.​

    Izzy T - for her willingness to help others in class and outside.​

    Gabby K - her beautifully settled manner in class. Well done. 

    STAGE 3

    Suma M - for an incredibly improved attitude and effort towards your learning. ​

    Mark M - for a great beginning of an information report and for always attempting all activities. ​

    Anuncia G - for taking on challenging tasks with a positive attitude and seeking feedback to improve your work. ​

    Sonia K - for always challenging yourself in your learning and participating in all class activities with a positive attitude. 


    Sonia K – for her focus, engagement and positive contribution to difficult classroom discussions.​

    Meti S – For her honesty, openness and positive contributions during class discussions.​

    Annabel L – for her outstanding participation in spelling activities this week.

    Captains Awards

    Meti S - Being kind and including people on people on the playground​

    Arlo C -  Always using kind words and actions on the playground

    Lexia Awards

    ​Thomas O, Jemima K, Fetui T, Ruby H, Jesuloba A, Josie B

    Mini Lit Awards

    Completing Level 1

    Fetui T, Kaidence G, Malachi K, Ruby b

    Principals Awards

    Anabel L, Ananbelle H




    Below is the nomination form for your child/ren to particiapte in our School Swimming Carnival. It has been a few years since we have been able to hold this event and everyone is encouraged to particiapte at their ability level.

    Please nominate your child in the events for for which they feel comfortable. A paper copy has also been sent home to day.


    Well done to Harrison S on his selection to the Diocesan Cricket Team. Harrison trialled today along with Max G and children from all over the Diocese. Harrison was success in moving onto the next stage which will be the Polding Trails in Lismore early next year.


    We would like to wish the following children a Happy Birthday.

    Kindergarten Sam C
    Year 1 Eleanor T
    Year 2
    Year 3
    Year 4
    Year 5/6 Tahlia B, Indigo H

    Congratulations and we hope you had a happy day





    We are having an Out of Uniform day on Friday next week (2 December) on a Christmas theme. Families are encouraged to send in different items to fill our Christmas hampers for the raffle. Parents from each class will be asked to send in particular items.

    Thank you for your support in this event.


    Raffle tickets will be going home this week to all families. Thank you for your support in selling these. The Hampers will be made up after the class donations are sent in.


    We are looking forward to hosting our Christmas Party on Friday 9 December. There will be a Jumping Castle, Face Painting and  BBQ available for all our guests. Order forms for the BBQ will be sent out shortly.


    Our Association's last meeting for the year will be held on Monday 28 November at 7pm in the school library. All are invited to come along and participate in the discussions and decisions of the Association.

     ST NICHOLAS OOSH Services

    How to enrol for our OOSH Services:

    You will be able to access the school newsletter here, special dates notifications and other messages from time to time.

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